The Beginning . . . But Not Really

I would say that I’ve always wanted to write, but that’s not true. I always have written. What I’ve always wanted to do is to earn a living by writing. My youngest son, whose picture I hope to add to this post, has always told me I could make a living writing. I just needed to sit down and seriously do it. Write. Submit. Get published. Get paid.

I have done that. My ex-husband called my writing “my little hobby”. Then one day he sat down and figured up that I had sold 80% of everything I’d submitted. That was promising . . .

Life got in the way and things happened and I put off until tomorrow what I’m trying to do today and here we are at what we will call the beginning, but which really is maybe a resuming . . . if you can resume that which you never stopped.

I have an article coming out in August. I have had one other article published. I’ve had poems and columns and anecdotes published. I have not made enough money to live on, but then I had what is called a “day job” and it took most of my time and energy. The rest (time and energy) went to raising my three sons.

The one whose picture I hope will be posted below is my biggest fan. I dedicate this beginning to him and hope to one day look back on this as when I finally took his advice and found out what I could do if I tried.



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