Been Too Long

Here it is almost a year later. What have I done? Every day when I come home, or sometimes before I leave in the morning, I write. I have at least sixty articles written or started or outlined that I’ve worked on this past year. Ask me how many I’ve submitted. Uh, besides the one that was published in November that I had already sold, just one.

I’m tired, and I’ve had one illness after another. I’m still working my fulltime day job. Right now I have four weeks off work and hope to submit some more of the things I have already written. I am going to include a link here of the article I had published last fall. My background is in education and it is an article about the classroom read aloud.

Well, I can’t find the link. The magazine that published it was online for awhile. At any rate, I need to work on something else that might be publishable. Will let you know if I sell anything else.

If anyone has any writing ideas, feel free to leave them. You’d be surprised where writers get some of their ideas. A casual comment can often turn into a written article.