Would Be Writers

I joined a group of writers online who professed their desire to become paid, full-time writers.

I watched what they post and for awhile I’d write a reply. I have taken numerous writing courses. I even considered getting a MFA degree. I thought if they had questions I could help with, and vice versa, it would be a good idea to read what they wrote about writing and to write my own ideas and questions as well.

This has not worked out very well. My replies to their questions have been met with hostility. Many of their ideas boggle my mind when I read them.

I’ve come to the conclusion that many people who say they want to be writers just want to talk about writing or go about it helter skelter with no idea how to succeed. I probably sound arrogant. But I have taken writing courses, and when I encounter a question I learned the answer to in my course, I shared the information. I’d done it twice before I realized they don’t really want to know how to improve their writing. They just want to talk about it.

They have word wars, which I fail to understand. I can write 5,000 words a day. That does not mean they are good ones. I have had several poems published and most people know a poem is putting an idea into as few words as possible. The words are carefully chosen. No, I do not want to have a word war with them. It seems a foolish endeavor.

I did NaNoWriMo one November a couple years ago. No one liked what I wrote. I succeeded in getting my number of words written, but it was not a good read. The story itself may have been fine if I’d taken the time to choose my words carefully.

Character Development? I’ve studied that. The last post I saw about characters in that group was an idea to create SIMS and base your characters on them. I hate to tell anyone, but unless you’re the one playing the SIMS game, it’s a pretty boring game to watch.

I give up. I don’t know that I’ll ever become a well known, well followed writer. I do know they won’t.


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