Can I Do It?

For years I have dabbled in writing. Once in awhile I sent something to a publisher and to my amazement, they published it. There were also rejections. I know everything I write will not be gobbled up by someone with lots of money that they want to pay me for it. At least, not yet . . .

I’ve been encouraged by many people to write for a living. It was too scary an endeavor to try with three children to feed and care for. At times when the muse could no longer be ignored, I put pen to paper? Sometimes, depending on where the muse appeared. I also put words to monitor. What does a writer call it when they write on their computer? But in one form or another, I wrote down the idea, the story, the poem, the book chapter. Now at the end of my career in another field, I find I have many, many unfinished or half-finished writings.

What if . . . what if I now, today start working for a set number of hours on all those half-done stories and articles. What if I revise a poem and make it marketable? What if I take my writing seriously and use my talent to write something someone might want to read or might learn something from reading?I’ve had many jobs in my life. I’ve had many experiences. I’ve talked to many people. One of the things I wrote that incensed those other would be writers was when someone wrote “How can you write about something you have never experienced?” I answered, “you can’t” and that is the last time I will answer one of their questions. They bombarded me with comments that suggested I did not know what I was talking about. Some wrote the very things I would have written, if I’d elaborated. I did not know my audience. I gave them too much credit. I am still angry with their comments back.  There is more than one way to experience something. No one said personal experience in their question . . . I thought my comment implied research, dreams, talking to others, reading about it . . .

But I digress. My question today is can I succeed as a writer?



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