You Should Try To Get That Published

My youngest son has his own blog and writes more faithfully (every day!) than I do. Tonight I read the blog he wrote about being in groups that teach you Chinese, and I said he should get that published. He said he would after he got a “following”. Well, being published will help you get “a following”.

Anyway, it reminded me of the book of poems I had written that someone found and said I should try to get published. They talked so much that to shut them up, I sent off a couple of those poems. Both were accepted by national magazines. Blew my mind!

I study the Writers Market. I believe it’s as much who you try to publish with as what you try to publish. I asked my son if I found a publisher who wanted to publish that blog entry, if he’d let it be published? Of course, he said yes.

The Writers Market is the most important book I have as far as books that help writers. It’s a thick book that comes out yearly and contains names, addresses, info that writers need to be able to contact publishers. It fascinates me to read some of the entries as I didn’t even know there were magazines devoted to some topics.

Now I need to find one on Chinese learning – a travel one? International one? Educational? The topics are divided into categories.

Maybe while I’m looking for a publisher for him, I’ll find a book of poetry publisher for me.


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