I am trying to blog every day. I’m doing it to help get me in the habit of writing on a specific topic daily. I can easily jot down 1000 words on whatever is on my mind at the time, but I need to focus that prolific writing to get the sixty plus items I have saved because they are almost done, half done, out-lined, or whatever stage I stopped writing in . . . they all need to be finished and submitted.

Meanwhile other ideas pop into my head. I feel as if I’m in a classroom with thirty children raising their hands and calling out, “Call on me! Call on me!” when I shuffle through the writing ideas that reside in my brain.

Still displaced at work. My future is unsure in that field. It’s also unsure in this one as long as I don’t set my mind to writing and working on what needs to be completed. So I come here daily (do I? that’s my plan) and try to put something down to see if I get worse as I form this habit or if I’m even able to focus and write daily.


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