To Write or Not To Write has Never Been The Question

To submit is more what I constantly ask myself.

I buy a Writer’s Market almost every year.

I subscribe to Writers magazines.

I write every day of my life.

I submit rarely.

That’s the question. To submit or not submit.

I may be like Emily Dickinson and get published after death. She’s one of my favorite poets. I wonder if I can post one of her poems here, if I give her credit. Let me see if I can find the one I’m thinking of.

Here’s the first stanza of her poem.

A Bird, came down the Walk —
He did not know I saw —
He bit an Angle Worm in halves
And ate the fellow, raw,

That’s by Emily Dickinson

This statement is by me:

I could bite nails in half this day, if I had any.


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