Daily Now

I write daily now. My youngest son, who is my biggest supporter, and by the way, writes better than I do, said I should write every day. Ahem……  I DO! Don’t you read my BlOGS???? He does now, ha ha.

He has a blog called The Troubles With Life. Here, I’ll put the link: http://thetroubleswithlife.blogspot.com/

He writes daily and his missives are more thought provoking and interesting to me than what I write. But I do write daily now. I come to these three blogs every day.

This may seem a waste of writing. I have few people following my blogs, but it is setting up a place to jot down ideas that may be later fleshed out into articles, stories or poems.

It is getting me in the habit of writing every day on a certain theme.

I know others that like to have word wars, but for me something said in the shortest possible fashion is appealing.

I guess that’s why I’m a poet first, and a writer of articles and stories second.

Here I come to blog each day, Letting nothing get in my way.

ha, ha, ha  . . . silly is my middle name. . . sometimes.



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