Tools of The Trade

Any job requires specific tools. A writer’s job is no different.

I have books that inform about the writing practice. I have books that list publishers and their contact information. I have something to write with and a place designated for writing.

I need printer ink. I’m sure I could do all my editing on the computer, but I want to see my words in print, on paper, and how they look. I want to mark up changes with a pen.  I have some paper, but could use some more. I have plenty of pens.

I have a bookcase that needs reorganizing.

A maid to clean the house would be nice.

Peace and Quiet and not being disturbed while writing are required.

Ideas. Currently my head is so full of them that they knock around inside my skull trying to get out. Reminds me of that old Elvis song with the words repeating, “I’m ready, ready, ready”. Well, get in line and I’ll take you out one at the time. No. They refuse to cooperate and all clamor for my attention.

I have so many, many, many half done manuscripts. They need to be attended to.

I know I’m getting older. I know I need to quit my day job. I know, if ever, the time is now.


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