Worked On Book Today

I won’t use the title I’ve chosen because it’s a kick-ass title and I don’t want it stolen. However, I can use an initial from that book. I’ll call it the “H Book”. I worked on it just now before my day job work. I wrote 631 words. Every word is a word closer to eventual publication, right?

Frequently I awake with ideas for writing in my head. One morning I had a whole ABC rhyming book swirling around. I jotted down the first part, but was running late for work, and thought I’d finish it when I got to work. When I walked in, someone started talking to me about something, and I lost the last half of that book. I think I must compose things as I sleep, or something. Anyway, I bitterly regret losing the last half of the book, so now when I wake up with words swirling in my head, I type them up before they’re lost.

This morning the words involved one of the main characters in my book. The book is a memoir and memories come back and incidences appear in my mind randomly. I need to put them down when they do. I plan to see this book published, and I record what I can when I can. Some chapters are done. Much of it is in fragmented stages and needs work.

I wish I could quit my day job and still survive so I could finish my book. Did I ever mention this before?


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