Some Days Are Easier To Write About Than Others

I’ve mentioned that I sometimes wake up with something practically written in my head and I race to get it down on paper. Other times I try to figure out which of all the things knocking around in my head to write about.

There are many things tonight. Tropical Storm Andrea who may or may not cancel work tomorrow. Then there’s the bug bomb my son set off tonight to kill the fleas in the utility room, without realizing it would seep through the wall between the kitchen and it. There’s the new dog bed I bought on my way home today that has ensued in much growling between the dogs. The cats wanted to be out in the rain, and I don’t know why. Fireflies are sparkling around in the air tonight. First time I’ve seen them this season. And why is the trashcan shoved under the car port and the car out in the rain? I guess I ask a lot of why’s and what if’s . . . sometimes I truly misunderstand and those times make good stories, or at least they do, in my opinion. And then there was the unexpected message from a very old friend about missing me and my sense of humor and how interesting I always was. I guess that last was the best part of my day. It brought back memories of when I was in my 20’s and looking forward to the rest of my life. She was the photographer at the News Bureau where I was working while I tried to work my way through college. She was a wonderful person. It was so nice to hear from her and such kind words.

Some days are easier to write about than others. One thing sticks out as the thing to write down. Other days it’s more difficult. James Taylor sang about “Knocking around the zoo”. I could write about many things knocking around my head.


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