Constance As A Marketer

Perhaps Constance as a Writer needs to join forces with Constance as a Marketer. I have a Writer’s Market, and I seriously need to take time to go through it and submit some of my already written stuff.

One of the ways I do this is to read over a manuscript or poem. Then I think what kind of magazine might be interested in that submission. I go to the listing in the Writer’s Market and read their requirements. I look in the index for other magazines that are in the same category. I check my word count. I check whom my piece is aimed towards. I study my market with as much thought and nitpicking as I write my manuscript.

It’s no fun to have something you’ve created rejected. You can limit your rejections by truly knowing your markets. Sending your submission to the right editor helps as well. Study the listing for at least thirty minutes before you decide you want to submit to this magazine/publisher, and then follow their guidelines to the letter. This limits rejections and shows that you are a professional writer.

I need to do this. I will find a publisher for one of my written pieces this week. I will submit it by Saturday. Goal setting is another thing that helps move along a career.


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