The Sugarlessness of America

The Sugarlessness of America

 Sugar is a brain food. It’s God’s natural way to make us smarter. I can do something more intellectual after consuming sugar.

Americans have been told for decades that sugar is bad for them. It rots the teeth. It causes children to jump around and act “crazy”.

Perhaps this grand misleading of the American public has been done on purpose.

I have felt for years that some undercurrent of society is trying to conquer America. It is doing it in a slow eroding of freedoms and thoughts, much as an abusive husband will erode a woman’s feelings of self-worth and confidence through a slow, methodical damaging of her daily.

When was the last time you picked up a newspaper or magazine and read about how bad sugar is for you?

Did you also notice that article telling you that sugar substitutes cause cancer?

Which one affected you the most?

Most people think they can just “cut back on sugar”, but they miss the sweetness and begin to seek something to replace it.

Sugar substitutes is the second prong of the two pronged nourishment fork that is helping to bring America down from her greatness.

There are many more subtle events happening in America today that are working to erode her.

Eat your sugar. Think for yourself. Think smart.

CBC   6/20/13          221 words

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