Deciding What To Write About

Sometimes I wonder what people really want to read about? I just wrote in my other blog about the dog trying to wrestle the broom from me when I was in the floor trying to use it to get a pair of shoes out from under the bed. Is that even anywhere close to being interesting to another person?

I know different topics appeal to different people. I research the markets before I submit any of my work. I know everybody doesn’t read everything.

Sometimes you can take an article that might appeal to a school teacher and change it a bit and make it appealing to a parent. Other articles can be edited and changed to appeal to more than one market.

I had to write about the dog/broom/under the bed/growling older dog tonight in the other blog. It was enough trouble getting in the floor without having a young dog try to wrestle the broom from me that I was using to reach something and then having my old dog come in growling at the younger one and me lying there knowing if they began to fight over me, I would not be able to get out of the way quickly.

At any rate, I write about what interests me. If someone isn’t interested in it, they can skip that one. Might be a lot of skipping going on around here. I hope not.


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