Writing as a Vocation

This new job assignment is overwhelming. It’s certainly motivating me to be more pro-active in my writing career.

Today I drove through what seemed like a monsoon to get to the new assignment.

This afternoon I tried to spend the night in a motel so I wouldn’t have to drive all the way back home. The place reeked of cigarette smoke and I finally gave up and drove home anyway, coughing and hacking the whole way. It would have been better to just drive straight home in the first place.

I think what I must do is save up about 3 months pay without anyone knowing I’m doing it. (You won’t tell, will you?) and then just quit my day job. Just pick a time and day and quit. Instead of going to work daily, I could get up and write for a few hours.

Maybe I don’t even need 3 months pay. Maybe I need 3 months of what I spend paying bills and eating saved up.

I moved my things out of storage this weekend. That will save me $122 a month. In another couple months, my washer and dryer will be paid for, so that will also reduce what I need monthly. Yep. It’s time to quit the rat race. Let someone younger do what I’ve been doing for years. I’ll do what I’ve always wanted to do.


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