Constance As A Writer

Constance as a writer needs to get a move on. I began the first 21 days of my FREEDOM! Thursday. That was day before yesterday. What have I done in a writing capacity since then? I made a grocery list. I wrote a little poem yesterday. It’s not the writing that needs to get done. There’s plenty of that done already. It’s the publishing that needs to happen.

I need to sit down with the Writer’s Market, or go online, since I bought the deluxe edition, I can do it that way, and find MARKETS.

I will begin listing markets here starting tomorrow. If I don’t, someone please mention what I promised to do. I’ll try not to forget.

I did send a query to an online magazine about a resale of my poem “Slumberlost”. It was published in the 1980’s, so there are many people who haven’t read it. The online magazine said they were not buying reprints at the moment. Ok, I DID do that.

I should be submitting one thing (at least) daily. I can edit anything I have written and query a magazine or send it to a publisher. What am I waiting for?


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