More Time?

I may have been given more time to write this summer.  Not sure yet. It depends on whether a new job works out or not.

I still call it writing, when what I need to do is edit and submit. I haven’t gotten to the bookcase that is holding my Writers Market yet.

I’ve had relatives living with me and moving out and more moving in and “yes, I can store those things for you”, I told them, and in the process my writing stuff got pushed aside, but I was very, very busy finishing out the year at work and worrying about the new year in a new place, which might change now, and one of my relatives is also moving out Monday.

I plan to use that room he’s been in as an office. The rooms in this house are small and I currently use this room as my bedroom/office. Too much stuff in one place.

I will miss everyone who has or is moving out, but it may help me to better organize my time and energy.

If I could get my new position at work settled, I’d be more inclined to sit down and edit and submit and see how much of my 3 books I actually do have written.

One of my strengths (according to editors and publishers) is my ability to give a good title to a manuscript. For this reason, I never refer to my 3 books by name, except I have shared one with a couple people, but they’ve probably already forgotten what they were because they were not friends who are also writers.

So many changes in just a few weeks are hard to adjust to, but I will try. It will probably give me more to write about.


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