Can I Just Stay Home Now?

I planned to stay home today and work on the submission of various manuscripts I have written. Some editing work was also planned.

Instead I was told in an email that someone was coming to collect something I left at my old job. But it was my oldest job that the item belonged to. The next oldest job’s items were to be delivered today by someone who was running that errand for me.

What a mess of confusion! So I got dressed. I had planned to stay in pajamas all day working. A ploy to make sure I didn’t leave home. But I had to get dressed and take the items for my next oldest job in so they didn’t take the wrong items from my oldest job.

Now it’s almost lunchtime and no work has been done on my writing. It often feels like there’s a conspiracy to keep me from becoming the author I desire to be.

I can plan, plan, plan, but something will interfere with those plans.

Can I just stay home now, or should I go somewhere and hide from the world while I write? Maybe that’s why some writers do retreat. You can’t get much done when the world can find and bother you.


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