Home Office

I am setting up a home office in the smallest bedroom in my house. My youngest son moved out of the room almost two weeks ago. I’ve been busy collecting my books on writing and trying to organize my materials. I eventually want to move this computer into that room so that it can be where I write.

I’m wondering if having the office will help me be more industrious in my writing? I know having these blogs is getting me into the habit of daily writing on specific topics. Since I have 3 or 4 books started, I think this will be good when I sit down and begin to work 3 or 4 hours a day on writing. I can devote an hour each to different projects.

With all my writing stuff being in this bedroom, which is small, I have felt cluttered and rushed when I’d try to work on manuscripts. It doesn’t help that my bed is also in this room and frequently beckons me to lie down and nap. As I age, I have more health problems and naps are something I thoroughly enjoy.

I may put a futon in the office, but that will be for a son to sleep on when he is visiting. Right now two have moved out and the other one is chomping at the bit to be gone.

I have many boxes in the living room that were brought here from the storage building. They need to be sorted through and they may even provide some material for writing.

All I know is, at this time, my main endeavor is to get my office assembled. There’s a desk in the utility room that I’d like to put in there. It needs painting first. I think I have three more weeks before I return to my day job.

When the office is “ready” I will post a picture of it.


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