Elements of a Story

If I can’t get some kind of publisher identified for this article, and no, I haven’t tried yet, I am going to desert that article and move to the next one.

It is one I am interested in, but not passionate about. I’m not sure how to slant it as I haven’t determined the market for it yet.

Sometimes I will leave an article, come back to it, leave it, come back, etc., etc., until I find the right time and feeling to complete it. This might not be the right time for this article to be finished and completed. I give it one more day.

My rhyming ABC book beckons me more. Shall I print the first two letter lines?

A is for Alligator that lives in the deep; B is for bees that the beekeepers keep . . . I need an illustrator. I need an agent. I need a publisher. I need to finish something. This half-done way of writing is not doing me any good.

P is for procrastinator that nothing does complete . . . oh, well.


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