Poem, Description, What about that Article?

Poem – I remembered a short poem about a cat I’d written years ago. Added it to the folder of poems I have.

Description – I lived in a house in Plymouth NC and was writing someone about that in an email. Copied/pasted it in a folder. Sometimes when you want to describe a place, it helps to have notes from it. Writers carry writer notebooks to jot down what they see. They file it and then when they want to include it in what they’re writing, they can go back and use it or read it to jog their memory. That was 390 words of description.

Article – Ok. Going RIGHT NOW to check markets, if I can find the Writer’s Market. Cannot find the ideal market. Did find one magazine that might be suitable for other articles I’ve written. I am going to request a sample copy of their magazine right now. I study magazines before I submit anything to them. No need wasting my time or theirs sending types of things they do not use. So I will shelve the article on Elements of Stories for now and look through my articles/stories for something else to work on and submit.


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