Fun Ways To Teach Poetry

Students usually groan when I mention that we are going to study poetry. I don’t know why poetry has gotten such a bad reputation. Perhaps it is the obscure, flowery poems that make no sense to many people and that use old fashioned words. Rap is poetry. Some children are not aware of this.

I have always enjoyed and written poems. After I teach a unit on poetry, my students find that they too like some poems. Since I have so much success in teaching this topic and I’ve had teacher friends who dread it, I will finish the article I started about “Fun Ways To Teach Poetry”.

“To market to market to buy a fat pig” . . . no, to market, to market this one special gig . . . that’s more like it. Let me check to see if I need to give credit for those nine words. Ok, it says it’s by Mother Goose, but I left out the commas. Let me type it correctly: “To market, to market, to buy a fat pig…”
by Mother Goose

Mother Goose used “market” as a noun; I used it as a verb.

Nursery Rhymes are poems. To write a good poem, you convey an idea or feeling in a few words. The words must be carefully chosen. Poetry. It’s about words. It’s about playing with words.

Now to find a market.


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