Let’s Try This

Writers spend a lot of time thinking. I have done that over the past few weeks trying to figure out how to submit what I have written.

I went through articles and worked on a couple of them. I tried to find a market to send them to. That was the wrong approach. I need to find the market and then the article. If I had read my Writer’s Market more, I would have seen they advised doing it that way. Instead I thought and experimented and came up with that idea on my own.

New plan. I will read at least two pages in the Writer’s Market daily.  When I say “read”, I really mean “study”. I will figure out how to be a professional writer.

By this time next year – actually sooner – before this time next year, I will be working daily as a professional writer.

Dreams are meant to be acted upon. I have a plan now and I have the guidance I was seeking.

I’ll post quick comments about my daily reading of the Writers Market. It has many pages. I’ll use this blog to make notes about what I read and how I use the information.


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