Second Breath

I reread yesterday’s blog, and it seems all those things are even more reason to write and change my career to writer.

This morning I read about sending a book query to an agent and/or publisher. The information is invaluable as I have at least two books half written. Both will be either memoirs or based on a true story. Both involve things that are currently of interest to the American public.

I feel much better physically today. I am doing things to prepare for my workweek. I’m trying to transition to a more sophisticated look in my clothes. I’ve always loved seeing what Brenda (character) wore on the closer, but recently I’m paying more attention to her mother’s clothes. (I have the dvd’s from the previous seasons.)

To get where I want to go, I have to go to my day job and take care of expenses while I pursue this writing career. I think I have sold another article. I haven’t asked yet, but from what I’ve read in the Writers Market, the time to know has passed.

I’m trying to build relationships with publishers. I remember a man named Mr. White calling me on the phone to tell me how much talent I had when he was publishing my poem “To My Friend, George”. I remember the kind letters I got from the editor of “The Morris Report”. He published my poems and an article I wrote. When Dennis Rogers published some of my anecdotes, friends and acquaintances would write or call to tell me how much they enjoyed my writing. My Creative Writing teacher at NCSU told me I should sell my writing and quit giving it to Dennis Rogers for free.

So it’s not just a few people who have said I have talent. It’s many. I want this and I should not give up so easily, although I felt very bad yesterday. That’s even more reason to pursue this dream. I can do this physically. The 8 hour every day job may be too challenging with my health problems and my age.


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