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I have a book of poems I want to have published. I’ve mulled it over for years. Some of these poems were first written and published by magazines twenty some years ago. If nothing else, I’d like a generalized location in a book form to hand these poems to my sons. Gee, that was a mouthful, wasn’t it? But I digress.

I saw two books on about self-publishing on Amazon. The idea is that you write your book, design the cover and once approved by YOU, your book is available at  The concept is that the book is ready to be printed as orders roll in. Well, with three sons, I’m sure I’ll sell three of them. ha ha.

This book, and let me give this man credit – I’ve just begun reading his book, but I am very inspired – his name is Chris McCMullen (I am calling Chris “him” because what he publishes – his types of book – look to me like something a male would write. I am sexist. You knew that, didn’t you? I’m also an older woman from a previous generation, so please indulge me.)

Anyway, the name of the book is How to Self-Publish a Book on and it’s written by Chris McMullen.  I’ve only read a few pages, but I can see me and this book are going to be friends.

The book I plan to publish is a book of poems about my pets or animals in general. My poems usually tell a story and they rhyme. They have meter and rhythm and all those elements I learned in school. I enjoy writing them and I will enjoy seeing them in book form. I hope to have the book ready to sell by November 1. This could be a cute stocking stuffer or perhaps a good gift for someone who likes animals and poems. I am more excited than I’ve been in a long time.


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