Balancing Act

First full week back at day job and also continuing to try to figure out the self-publishing concept at . . .

I’m finding that this day job is delightful this year and I wonder if I truly want to give it up. I also have spent time this week maneuvering through the book I bought on self-publishing at Amazon.  I’m over halfway finished with it. I also have a second book I bought on self-publishing that I want to read before I submit my book. I’ve learned a lot, but don’t know it all yet. Perhaps I never will, but I do want to be as prepared as possible.

I’m looking at the empty room my son occupied until mid July with an eye to making it into a writer’s office.

I listed some poems I remember that I want to include. My next step is to look in my poetry file and select more poems to go in my book. I have written many and hope I still like them.

This is Labor Day weekend, so I’ll probably spend part of it on the writing career. This is so new that it doesn’t feel like work yet. Teaching used to be that way for me. I enjoyed it so much that it didn’t feel like work. I have worked so hard to help so many. (Another book partially written is about my day job. It too may end up self-published.)

There are so many advantages to self-publication. For one thing, I’d see my books in print before I die. I’m not sure I have enough years left on this earth to get it all published the conventional way. My books vary. Some are for children; others are definitely for adults.

At any rate, I’m still plugging along at mastering the self-publication route and hope to continue so that my book is published by November 1. Just in time for Christmas shoppers!


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