I went to the website for Createspace and looked around. It appears to be do-able.

I find myself composing little poems in my head now during the day. I need to keep a writer’s journal with me at all times.

My day job is going well and I have more energy than I’ve had in years. I don’t know what’s causing that. It could be various things from changes in my health to changes in my attitudes. Part of it, I’m sure, is because of my little old dog who cheerfully walks to the corner and back with me daily.

It’s Saturday today and I’m so full of ideas. The grocery store is one of them. I need to go and until I do, it will nag at my mind. That’s next on the agenda . . . after a shower.

Last week was hard at work. I stayed late 3 days and it tends to make me more tired. However, after a night’s sleep, I bounced back.

I have missed no days at work this year yet. Last year was horrendous. I had pneumonia; I had Shingles. Those were the two biggies. I also had a week long stomach virus. I had colds and bronchitis. I wasn’t sure I’d make it through the year, but I did.

Well, I’m rambling and I try not to do that in my blogs. I came to mention that I am still working on the self publication of my book of pet poetry. Can’t seem to come up with a catchy title, and titles are usually one of my strong suits. Maybe as I play around with the poems, one will jump out at me?

There have been so many pets in my life. I loved them all dearly. I got my first one at age ten. She was a dog named Honey. She was half cocker spaniel and half rat terrier. I had her until I was 23. She followed me anywhere. I lived in a small town and if you wanted to find me, you just needed to see where that dog was sitting. Once in awhile she got in a store. She got in church one day when I went for children’s choir practice. I was too young and too naive to realize the dangers of an off leash dog who followed me everywhere. She was hit by a car once, but seemed to just be glanced by it. Is that the right word? Usually I look up words. This Saturday morning I feel lazy.

The grocery store beckons. So does some more time on my poetry book. I hope to announce its publication Nov. 1. Stay tuned!


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