Have Computer, Will Write

My old dog has been and is very sick. I’ve been snowed in for almost a week. I finally got her to the vet Thursday. We don’t know if she will make it or not. We’re hoping for the best and every day she seems stronger. Her name is Blackie and here is a picture of her.


She brings me joy, as you can see. My writing life is still ahead of me. I tried to figure out a way to go part-time now in my job, but I just don’t see being able to do it at this time. Like the planets lining up, the pieces of my life must also be aligned. Things seem to work out better when there’s a plan, and it is more or less followed. Going off the path is fun for awhile, like being out of work this week because of the weather. But I’m still putting the ducks in a row. I’ve spent part of this time off trying to organize how I will write and how I will sell and to whom I will sell. The Writers Market is a thick book and is filled with possibilities. I just don’t have time to peruse them while I am employed in another field full-time. It’s coming. My free time is coming and if it’s anything like this past week (other than having a very sick dog), it is going to be incredible to live the life of a full-time writer. It’s hard to concentrate when your best friend is ill. It’s been nice having this time off, and I’m glad I had it to spend with Blackie. She’s my first priority. She’s probably my biggest fan. She’s my best friend.


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