Ode to Blackie

Ode to Blackie

I came in wearing my Dr. Seuss hat,

You barked and said “I don’t like that!”

I sat down and put you in my lap,

You silly, silly dog.


That put the hat right next to you,

You bit your tongue and out it flew

You did not know just what to do,

My attention you did hog.


I put the hat down on the floor,

You jumped down and ran straight to the door,

You’ve never wanted to run before,

But you began to jog,


I grabbed the leash right from it’s hook,

Said the hat was just something from a book,

You gave it still one long last look,

And hopped out just like a frog.


So out the door that March we went,

I said “hide the hat” somewhere different,

I think you did not like its scent,

It made you act agog.


It’s put up now, I know not where,

It’s something I no longer wear,

It was something you just could not bear,

You silly, silly dog.


by Constance Barr Corbett

February 1, 2014

Not my best work. Written after the blog just now was posted. Blackie likes it.



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