Writers Market

I am spending spare time looking through the Writers Market and underlining possible publishers. I make a highlighted mark at the top of the pages I’m marking to help me find them better when I look back for identified publishers.

This morning I read about having a website and how I should link any blogs to it.

This stuff is new – some of it – to me, and I find when I tell anyone my hopes and dreams of being a writer that many of them share the same idea. At the current time I am an educator. and several of my peers are interested in writing books or a children’s book series.

My ideas are not that narrowed (or focused?). I find that many topics interest me and as I go through the Writers Market I see places that would possibly be interested if I wrote an article on something I have high interest in.

This new life is coming. I may be switching positions at work in the near future. I’ve heard rumors but have not been told yet. I planned to quit work and focus solely on writing in mid June, but now I wonder if I want to consider returning to the new position if it does indeed materialize? That would still give me a few weeks to work full-time on writing during the summer and see how it goes.

I know it takes time to get paid for things you sell, so as I continue to work my day job, I continue to try to make money writing as well.


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