The easiest thing to write for me is poetry. Sometimes when I talk my words rhyme and I’m not even trying to rhyme them. I find it extremely easy to put ideas into very small chunks of words.

The hardest thing for me to do is to get rich selling poetry. Many places don’t buy it and those who do don’t usually pay well.

I have a set of poems about animals and pets that I’d like to publish – perhaps as a chapbook.

I have other poems also.

My poems all tell little stories.

I have another book of poems I’d like to publish and those poems are children’s rhymes. When I teach, I use many nursery rhymes and other types of rhyming poetry to help children see connections and rhymes and to have fun with the English language.

My poems rhyme and have rhythm, for I know no other way to write one. My first published poem was something I wrote many years ago to a man who I thought was my friend, who turned out to be a terrible husband, and who now is fondly referred to as my “ex”. That one was published the same year “Laments of an Old Cat” appeared in Cats Magazine. (Laments also appeared in “The Morris Report”.) Laments of an Old Cat was a very long poem and filled one column of the poetry page from top to bottom. It began like this:

“Just what this old cat             Very much wants to know      Is when will the baby     Be big enough to go?”

I had a two year old at the time that poem was written, and I’d watched him try to make friends with my old cat, who had no interest in a rambunctious little boy. The poem practically wrote itself as I watched him make overtures to her and saw her flee quickly from his presence every time he appeared.

Does anyone still buy books of poetry?




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