Writing Every Day

I would like to write every day. That is what writers do, isn’t it? I do write every day, but it gets saved and stored and that’s the end of it. That kind of behavior must stop, if I am going to become a paid writer. I’ve been sick. They say when you are experiencing something that you should write a description of it in case one of your characters goes through that same situation. Do you want to hear about my illness? I remember writing about having the flu and Dennis Rogers used that letter in his letters and leftovers column one Friday. I said at the time that I had memories of putting the blanket over my head and yelling, “Mommie’s got germs! Mommies got germs!” to frighten my children away. For I was sure I was lying on the bed dying and they needed to go elsewhere. During this illness, my old dog, who was sick herself a couple weeks ago, decided I was really sick. I’d lie down on the bed for I could not bear to sit up. Her eyes staring at me was the last thing I’d see before I drifted off to sleep and the first thing I’d see when I woke up. She stood guard over me. She followed me to the bathroom, the kitchen . . . wherever I wandered in the house, she was right at my heels. She really freaked out when I had chills one night. She hopped in her basket, then out, then in . . . she went to the bedroom door as if to go get help and then ran back to me so I wasn’t alone. I believe I may be getting better. I certainly hope so. She is lying in my doorway now, still keeping guard, but not quite as closely.


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