While going through my Writers Market, I saw a contest for a collection of haiku poems. I know I underlined the source, but now cannot find it again. I even went to the Writers Market online version and searched and still it eludes me.

Nevertheless, I have begun to write haiku and when I find the place that might publish it – was it a contest? – I will submit what I have written. The strange thing is my first topic, when I saw it in the snow, appealed to my poetic nature. I remember thinking, “I should write a poem about this”. And so I have. It’s a haiku.

When I locate the possible publisher of these poems, I will come back to this blog and say so. If you know what I am trying to find again in the Writers Market, please let me know. Two heads are better than one, unless they’re attached to the same body. Then you have a dilemma.


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