995 Words

I am working on several books. I write on whichever one is on my mind.

As I was putting laundry in the washer, a scene kept running through my mind that would go in the second book. I decided to come in and write it down as soon as I got done in the laundry room.

I wrote 995 words in 16 minutes. My friend, Dorsey, says I’m a prolific writer and he is right. When I’m motivated, I write fast and furious.

This is the book I call Book #2. However, it may be published before the one I call Book #1.

Yes, they have titles. I’ve been told by many that titles are one of my strengths, so when I come up with a good one, I do not share it. I just call my books by their numbers. They are numbered by which one I started first, second, etc.

I hope someday they are all written and published. It feels good to get parts of them down . . .  to write them and know I’ve made more progress.

I also wrote a couple more haiku today. I’m not sure it they’re good or not. I sent them to a couple friends and no one has commented. I also sent my poem that I found that I wrote on my oldest son’s 30th birthday. No one’s mentioned that yet either. I liked it.

I hope I become a well paid writer so I can write all the things I’ve wanted to write. That’s the “hold-up”. Money. Enough money to survive while I write.


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