Out of the Woodwork

Post was put in wrong blog. How does this keep happening? It’s annoying and I went to this blog, but it showed up in my “Ms. Playful’s” blog.

Out of the Woodwork

The more I write and write about writing, the more emails with offers of help and notices about paid services for writers I receive. I want to write partly to share my words, but also to earn an income. I do not want to invest hundreds of dollars to get help with my writing. How do I know that their ideas are better than mine? How do I know they can help me until after I invest money in their businesses? Soon I will quit opening the emails that pretend to be someone interested in my writing. If I haven’t sent a certain email address any submissions, I doubt what they want is to help me. More than likely what they want is to reach into my purse and extract money. I can do that without their help.



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