Another Day . . . Another Chance to Write

How do you view your days? Mine are usually viewed as to how much I can accomplish and what I want to do with that day.

This is the first day of summer. It is cooler than some of the later days of spring have been.

I’ve set a goal for myself as far as writing for the rest of my time off (summer) from work. I will edit and prepare one poem daily for my Pet Poetry book. This should not be too difficult as many of the poems have been written and several have already been published in magazines. I wish I could figure out a way to have a picture accompany each poem. This is still in the works in my head at the moment, but the goal of each day is to choose a poem and make sure it’s perfectly written and ready to be sent to the publisher.

I also have another book I’d like to see published by year’s end. Maybe it will be a Christmas gift to myself? I will work on a chapter of that daily. Like the poetry book, much of it is written, but I need to see what’s missing and write that in.

Then there is the clutter of a house I live in. When I moved in almost 3 years ago, it wasn’t the house I wanted and I didn’t unpack many of the boxes because I was going to move again soon. I guess I should face reality and unpack them this summer. There are things I still haven’t found that I’d like to be using. So unpacking a box each day is also a goal.

I work better with a plan and I appear to have one. First Day of summer – the beginning of something new – what will you do with yours?


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