Kickstarter Preparation

This morning I have listed as many poems as I can remember that  I’ve had published. I’m sure there are more. I will also go through my folders for other poems I may have omitted. I’ve decided to dedicate the book to my dog, Atlas, and have a short column (letter?) that was in Dennis Rogers’ N&O column – he used letters from readers in a Friday column titled “Letters and leftovers”. He used the one I sent him about Atlas. That will be a prologue, or whatever it will be called (introduction?) at the beginning of the book.

I want to do a little reading aloud – maybe a couple lines from the beginning of various poems. I want to share what success as a writer I have had so far. I want to convince people to invest in this endeavor for both me and them, but mostly for them – if they are true lovers of rhyming poetry that tell little stories – poems that aren’t obscure. Poems that paint a picture in a few words and perhaps express some of the same love they’ve felt for their pets. If I can reach others who enjoy what I’ve written and they can relate to it – I will be happy with my work.


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