Today I am going through binders with notes from various things that will help me write. My ultimate goal is to find the binder with the notes/chapters of the book I hope to finish this summer. It’s not the poetry book as that is mostly written and just needs organizing a little better and cover designed, etc., to get it finished. This binder I seek is a chapter book about something that happened in my life and sometimes happens in the lives of others. It’s a wake up call for America and Americans about something that doesn’t work right and needs reviewing. It’s a memoir of sorts. It’s lost. I have the chapters here on the computer, but after writing the same chapter 3 times, I need to print out the chapters and put them in order and see what’s missing and what needs to be written while rewriting what is already written. First step in this endeavor is to find the binder with the already printed out chapters in it. While trying to do that, I am finding more gems.

I have an article coming out this August in Teachers of Vision Magazine. it’s about Writing. They already used one I wrote about the Classroom Read Aloud. I just found a binder with notes on the ten ways language/literacy is used. This may lead to another article. At some point, if I publish/write enough articles, I may put them together and publish a book. Who knows? Right now I just want to find that binder.


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