I am trying to write and my son comes in to tell me about the vet and the pills we can get for one dog and the shot the other one needs, but they have to call the previous vet to be sure which one to give her and everything cost,  cost, cost money and I’m unemployed at the moment and how in the hell can I write with interruptions like this?

To be a serious, professional writer, I need to live alone or go somewhere where I don’t know anyone and will not be disturbed.

No one respects a writer unless the writer has already made a name for him/herself.

I have a terrible toothache. I dread seeing the dentist next week, but I have an appointment and need to. Is it too much to ask to be left alone as I work on my craft/writing? Can others NOT figure out things without disturbing me to see what I think?

I think I want to be left alone before all my gathered thoughts fly away so I can get them down on paper. That’s what I think, Damnit!


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