Slow Going

I am working on my writing daily, but it is not going as quickly as I’d hoped.

Right now I am battling a terrible toothache and it has taken precedence over everything else in my life. I keep throwing medicine at it to dull the pain. I both look forward to and dread my dentist appointment on Tuesday.

I am depressed by this summer’s afflictions. First it was the damned cough that hung around for over a week. Now it is a painful tooth that wants me to stop everything I’m doing and pay it some attention.

Last night I contemplated a hammer or the pliers to rid myself of its existence. Today I wonder if a knife might more cleanly cut it out? As long as I can halfway dull the pain of it, I will tolerate it until the dentist gives me whatever bad news he will deliver on Tuesday.

Until then I try to write and I browse through what is already written for something to clean up, tighten up and try to publish.

Oh, tooth, be gone!

Be gone, I say!

Take the pain from me


I cannot work,

I cannot play,

Tooth, oh, tooth pain,

Be gone today!

There. It inspired poetry. Written just now by Constance Barr Corbett 6/28/14


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