Change of Career

Today was a day filled with disappointments and revelations. They all had to do with jobs and pay and expectations.
It would seem to me if a company expected you to wait 4 weeks for a paycheck, but spend your own money on gas to get to the job and not have a set salary, but only a “Performance Reward”, which means “only commission” . . . that you would want to reconsider their employment offer.
Likewise, if the job you’ve done for 16 years suddenly begins to downgrade your salary by 10%, you might want to consider a change in career.
I’ve never seen the USA in the shape it is in today. Social Security is threatened, our borders are trampled with no repercussions to the ones trampling them. Jobs are scarcer than anyone acknowledges, and the mantra of “Be thankful you HAVE a job”, no matter how badly you are treated there, echoes throughout the land.
It looks like the best career will be the one you design for yourself.


Kickstarter Video

I need to make my kickstarter video. I’m a little under the weather right now and not feeling like doing it.
I am thinking about it, and as discussed in a previous post, this counts as working on it.
I found a speech I had written a few weeks ago for a kickstarter video. I know it needs to be short and to the point.
What things to tell and what to exclude? Those are what I’m thinking about.
I feel like I need to mention my published poems. Those should indicate that my poetry has been considered publishable by editors before.
I think I should read the beginnings of one or two of these published poems. I know Old Atlas will be one. The Yorkie’s Tale may be another. Cats? I have some published poems about cats. If I’m trying to reach people with pets, I need at least part of one cat poem. The first cat poem I had published was written about my old cat who did her best to tolerate my toddler son. It was titled “Laments of an Old Cat”. Since two magazines published it, I guess the beginning of that poem might be best to add.
Ok – see, for the time being I have settled on three poems to include in my video.
One of the rewards will be a cd of me reading the poems from the book of pet poetry. (Donors get rewards for donations and that was one reward I thought of.)
Ok . . . that’s one more piece of the video I have figured out. I hope everyone reading this will buy one of the poetry books when it’s published. I think the price will be $10.
There’s a lot of thinking that goes into writing.

Kickstarter Rewards for Donations

I have set up four different rewards for those who donate to my kickstarter project.

For five dollars donation, the donator will get a bookmark with one of my poems written on it.

For $20, the donator will get the bookmark and an autographed copy of the book.

For $35 donation, the reward will be the bookmark, the autographed book, and their name listed in the book as someone who helped make the book possible.

For a $75 donation, the reward will be the bookmark, autographed book, the donator’s name listed in the book as someone who helped make it happen, and a cd of poems from the book being read by the author.

These rewards are not set in stone yet, but seem appropriate at this time.

I need to make the video and add it to the page and then I can make my project “live” on Kickstarter.

Amazon is About to Stop My Kickstarter Project

In order to be paid any funds pledged through Kickstarter, you must have an account with Amazon. I spent over 24 hours, gas to get to a fax machine in another town, cost of a fax, copying of a document, time online trying to verify bank accounts . . . it has been a 24 hour ordeal!

Finally I emailed both Kickstarter and Amazon and told them I had had enough! I followed their directions. Still no account could be verified and I was no closer to a Kickstarter Page than I had been more than 24 hours before.

Within the last hour I’ve gotten an email saying all is well and my account is set up. Really? I had my oldest son, who is a computer whiz, in here trying to help me navigate Amazon’s maze and he even could not do it! Now, after two more complaints, Amazon says it is done?

I will check on it tomorrow . . . or the next day. I’ve been upset long enough.

Maybe no one else has run into the kind of problems I’ve had setting this thing up, but if they have and they are reading this, please leave a message about your problems with this endeavor.

Misery loves company . . .

Kickstarter Account

I’ve started my Kickstarter Account. I’m glad I chose 45 days to acquire funding because I haven’t finished the account yet. I need to make a video and post that.

For what I’ve done so far, here is the preview link:

Any comments or suggestions are welcomed.

I’m still toying with the book title: Pet Poetry . . . Surely there’s something more catchy than that? It defines the contents, but could it be snazzier (is that even a word?)?






I’ve thought about my kickstarter project all day long. I thought about it when I walked the dog; I thought about it when I took a shower; I thought about it when I was playing a video game . . .

I know as a writer I do a lot of my planning and mental composing when I’m doing mundane things. Washing dishes lets a writer’s mind wander into many territories and ideas. Sweeping the floor does as well. While walking the dog this morning, I got the idea for my MsPlayful blog today.

Yes, I have three blogs. One is for humorous things – that one is msplayful; one is about becoming a senior citizen – that is proud of every wrinkle; this one is about my writing endeavors.

I stay angry at myself for how much time I feel I waste when I could be writing. However, when I get fired up and charge at the keyboard with energy and ideas, it is usually after I’ve spent time (hours?) doing mundane things while ideas wander through my mind. Sometimes it is after I’ve gone somewhere or done something that made me have a writing idea.

Today I’ve wondered if I had set up the kickstarter account yet? I think I did. I also have mapped out in my mind how my ideas will appear on the kickstarter page and the things I want to include in my video. Have I written this stuff down? A little bit of it, but often when I do begin to write, when I’m ready to write, my words shape themselves and sometimes don’t look exactly as I envisioned them.

So I will let myself off the hook and say I did mentally work on my Kickstarter Project even though I didn’t write anything down. Tomorrow is a new day and I will work on it with written words. The next day I will make my video.

I’ll let everyone know when the Kickstarter Project is posted and hope that enough people want to back my idea that I am able to get it done this summer.

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts are something writers use to practice their craft. They read a short statement or short described situation and then they write about it.
Teachers in schools use writing prompts as well.
I just saw an ad for a book of writing prompts for teachers to use. I have a problem with the generic, one size fits all, writing prompts we give to students and expect them to produce a masterpiece of writing about that subject.
What do I write about? It’s seldom something someone else has chosen for the topic.
When I do write about someone else’s “topic”, it takes longer and more thought and concentration. The words do not flow, but have to be chiseled slowly and with determination. It is work to write when I write that way.
I do not think learning to write cohesive, coherent sentences should be so hard to do. I think there is a better way than “canned” writing prompts.
I just wrote a rough draft of an article on this topic. I am writing more while I have free days this summer. I am enjoying writing and hope that some of my ideas are salable.

Nursery Rhymes

Did you grow up with nursery rhymes? I did. The Hey Diddle, Diddle . . . Little Boy Blue . . . Mary and her little lamb . . . all of these and more were memorized and recited happily.
I don’t see nursery rhymes used as much in schools anymore. I work with young children and when I ask if they know any nursery rhymes, I am often met with the question, “what’s that?” So I recite a few . . . the first lines of a few . . . and they look at each other with confused expressions and shake their heads no.
I believe nursery rhymes hold much value in teaching children, just as fairy tales and tall tales do. It’s a comfortable place to come for reading instruction on so many levels.
So this morning I jotted down some ideas for an article on this mostly untapped standard. I am from an older generation and I realize some things aren’t taught that were in the past . . . but perhaps they should be?


I just read a post on Affiliated Authors about marketing self-published books.

I think I know so much about writing since I’ve taken several writing courses, but it seems there is always more to learn that I didn’t even know I didn’t know.

This self-publishing idea for my pet poetry book makes me feel as if I’m standing on the end of the pier and the only way to get in the water is to jump.

Let’s hope I’m a good swimmer.

I write for me, because I cannot not write. I have always written. I’ve had some publishing success as a school columnist, with some of my other writings being published in Dennis Rogers’ column in the News and Observer, with some magazines and newspapers using what I’ve written. I won third place (out of 200 writers) in a contest done by Readers Digest for an article I wrote titled “Helping Hands Are Learning Hands”. I won honorable mention in an international short story contest for my story, “Beware of a Good-Natured Wife”.

I write every day. It’s what I do. I do not sell every day and I have a “day job”.

However, I would love for my day job to be writing.

Back to the pier metaphor: I will continue to try to find out the temperature of the water and what to do once I’ve jumped in, but as one who has hovered on the end of the pier too long, I’m going to take the plunge and hope for the best.

It looks like one of the most pressing things to do is to refine my author’s website.

I have an article coming out this August in an educational magazine about how to teach writing. The same magazine used my article about the classroom read aloud previously. One idea, if I keep writing educational articles (guess what my “day job” is!), I would like to see these articles assembled in a book.

So much to do and so little time. Gonna Just Jump!