Article on Reading Groups

Yesterday I was able to outline/write a rough draft of a complete article on how to have more successful reading groups.
I am a Reading Teacher and I usually have great success teaching children to read. I also enjoy my job and have refined certain ways of doing the reading group instruction.
This year when I was gathering my reading materials, I would head to my reading table only to see that my group had gone to their chairs and were eagerly awaiting instruction.
I’ve thought about why they were so eager to read and learn in that special block of time devoted to their group, and I think a lot of it is the way I choose stories and how I teach them – the activities I use.
So, when I woke up yesterday with all these ideas running around in my head, I sat down before breakfast and typed them up.
I need to revise, and improve the article and I need to find a magazine to publish it.
I’ll post more about this article when that happens.


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