Nursery Rhymes

Did you grow up with nursery rhymes? I did. The Hey Diddle, Diddle . . . Little Boy Blue . . . Mary and her little lamb . . . all of these and more were memorized and recited happily.
I don’t see nursery rhymes used as much in schools anymore. I work with young children and when I ask if they know any nursery rhymes, I am often met with the question, “what’s that?” So I recite a few . . . the first lines of a few . . . and they look at each other with confused expressions and shake their heads no.
I believe nursery rhymes hold much value in teaching children, just as fairy tales and tall tales do. It’s a comfortable place to come for reading instruction on so many levels.
So this morning I jotted down some ideas for an article on this mostly untapped standard. I am from an older generation and I realize some things aren’t taught that were in the past . . . but perhaps they should be?


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