Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts are something writers use to practice their craft. They read a short statement or short described situation and then they write about it.
Teachers in schools use writing prompts as well.
I just saw an ad for a book of writing prompts for teachers to use. I have a problem with the generic, one size fits all, writing prompts we give to students and expect them to produce a masterpiece of writing about that subject.
What do I write about? It’s seldom something someone else has chosen for the topic.
When I do write about someone else’s “topic”, it takes longer and more thought and concentration. The words do not flow, but have to be chiseled slowly and with determination. It is work to write when I write that way.
I do not think learning to write cohesive, coherent sentences should be so hard to do. I think there is a better way than “canned” writing prompts.
I just wrote a rough draft of an article on this topic. I am writing more while I have free days this summer. I am enjoying writing and hope that some of my ideas are salable.


One thought on “Writing Prompts

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