I’ve thought about my kickstarter project all day long. I thought about it when I walked the dog; I thought about it when I took a shower; I thought about it when I was playing a video game . . .

I know as a writer I do a lot of my planning and mental composing when I’m doing mundane things. Washing dishes lets a writer’s mind wander into many territories and ideas. Sweeping the floor does as well. While walking the dog this morning, I got the idea for my MsPlayful blog today.

Yes, I have three blogs. One is for humorous things – that one is msplayful; one is about becoming a senior citizen – that is proud of every wrinkle; this one is about my writing endeavors.

I stay angry at myself for how much time I feel I waste when I could be writing. However, when I get fired up and charge at the keyboard with energy and ideas, it is usually after I’ve spent time (hours?) doing mundane things while ideas wander through my mind. Sometimes it is after I’ve gone somewhere or done something that made me have a writing idea.

Today I’ve wondered if I had set up the kickstarter account yet? I think I did. I also have mapped out in my mind how my ideas will appear on the kickstarter page and the things I want to include in my video. Have I written this stuff down? A little bit of it, but often when I do begin to write, when I’m ready to write, my words shape themselves and sometimes don’t look exactly as I envisioned them.

So I will let myself off the hook and say I did mentally work on my Kickstarter Project even though I didn’t write anything down. Tomorrow is a new day and I will work on it with written words. The next day I will make my video.

I’ll let everyone know when the Kickstarter Project is posted and hope that enough people want to back my idea that I am able to get it done this summer.


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