Amazon is About to Stop My Kickstarter Project

In order to be paid any funds pledged through Kickstarter, you must have an account with Amazon. I spent over 24 hours, gas to get to a fax machine in another town, cost of a fax, copying of a document, time online trying to verify bank accounts . . . it has been a 24 hour ordeal!

Finally I emailed both Kickstarter and Amazon and told them I had had enough! I followed their directions. Still no account could be verified and I was no closer to a Kickstarter Page than I had been more than 24 hours before.

Within the last hour I’ve gotten an email saying all is well and my account is set up. Really? I had my oldest son, who is a computer whiz, in here trying to help me navigate Amazon’s maze and he even could not do it! Now, after two more complaints, Amazon says it is done?

I will check on it tomorrow . . . or the next day. I’ve been upset long enough.

Maybe no one else has run into the kind of problems I’ve had setting this thing up, but if they have and they are reading this, please leave a message about your problems with this endeavor.

Misery loves company . . .


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