Kickstarter Video

I need to make my kickstarter video. I’m a little under the weather right now and not feeling like doing it.
I am thinking about it, and as discussed in a previous post, this counts as working on it.
I found a speech I had written a few weeks ago for a kickstarter video. I know it needs to be short and to the point.
What things to tell and what to exclude? Those are what I’m thinking about.
I feel like I need to mention my published poems. Those should indicate that my poetry has been considered publishable by editors before.
I think I should read the beginnings of one or two of these published poems. I know Old Atlas will be one. The Yorkie’s Tale may be another. Cats? I have some published poems about cats. If I’m trying to reach people with pets, I need at least part of one cat poem. The first cat poem I had published was written about my old cat who did her best to tolerate my toddler son. It was titled “Laments of an Old Cat”. Since two magazines published it, I guess the beginning of that poem might be best to add.
Ok – see, for the time being I have settled on three poems to include in my video.
One of the rewards will be a cd of me reading the poems from the book of pet poetry. (Donors get rewards for donations and that was one reward I thought of.)
Ok . . . that’s one more piece of the video I have figured out. I hope everyone reading this will buy one of the poetry books when it’s published. I think the price will be $10.
There’s a lot of thinking that goes into writing.


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