Change of Career

Today was a day filled with disappointments and revelations. They all had to do with jobs and pay and expectations.
It would seem to me if a company expected you to wait 4 weeks for a paycheck, but spend your own money on gas to get to the job and not have a set salary, but only a “Performance Reward”, which means “only commission” . . . that you would want to reconsider their employment offer.
Likewise, if the job you’ve done for 16 years suddenly begins to downgrade your salary by 10%, you might want to consider a change in career.
I’ve never seen the USA in the shape it is in today. Social Security is threatened, our borders are trampled with no repercussions to the ones trampling them. Jobs are scarcer than anyone acknowledges, and the mantra of “Be thankful you HAVE a job”, no matter how badly you are treated there, echoes throughout the land.
It looks like the best career will be the one you design for yourself.


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