Article Pitch and Five Unpublished Poems

I received an email asking me to pitch an article, and it also included a request to view five unpublished poems for possible inclusion in a book. I was able to do both today. I worked on the article pitch last week, edited it and got it in the right format and off it went today!

I have written many poems and went through my files and found five that might be suitable, or might not. That’s the thing with writing and submitting. You never know what’s going to be bought. It’s possible none of them will be used. It’s possible the article won’t be requested as well.

But it’s fun to me to try.

While I was in my poems’ file, I found some haiku that I had written. They are really quite good. I added a couple more. There are notes on the haiku which indicate someone wants haiku for a book and that’s why I began to write some. It appears I wrote them during the spring. Now it is fall and a couple more join the group.

I never know what I can write until I sit down and try. Some things require research; others do not. It’s usually a pleasant surprise when I’m done. Sometimes things turn out differently than expected. Some things write themselves.

I’ll let this blog know how it all turns out – the submissions I sent off today.


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