Madness in America

I got up in the dark to begin my day. My little dog insisted she could wait no longer. I turned off the alarm before it went off and stumbled outside with her highness on a leash. She began to bark. What could she see in the dark that I could not? There were two or three people walking on the opposite side of the sidewalk. Oh . . . they had bookbags . . . heading to the corner to catch the school bus. This early? In the dark? I’m sure they do this every school day. I’m just not usually up to see it. I have no idea what time they get back home, but isn’t this madness? If they are now headed out to school, that means they got up earlier than I did.

My dog and I saw one school bus stop at that corner. Then we saw two adults headed back. I guess the two elementary age children on this block catch their school bus even earlier than the high schoolers (or are they middle schoolers?). It doesn’t seem right to me to make anyone, especially children, walk in the dark to catch a bus. Then in mid-afternoon, they are sent home again.

Isn’t the dark the time for sleeping? Doesn’t the sun start our days? Is this madness all over America?


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